Blas House//

House of the Rain//
Can Liz and Can Feliz//

Danny Janse Video 2

Can Lis
Can Feliz
Casa de Blas

Exercise1 Video2 - Ángela Shepherd Díaz

House in Never never land, Andrés Jaque Can Lis y Can Feliz, Jørn Utzon Casa en Corrubedo, David Chipperfield

Ege Balcıl


Chosen houses:

La Casa de Blas en Sevilla la Nueva (Madrid)
Alberto Campo Baeza

Casa en Corrubedo
David Chipperfield

Casa del Retiro Espiritual (Sevilla)
Emilio Ambasz

Exercise 1_ Pascale Atsma

For making the video I choose three houses:

- House in Corrubedo, by David Chipperfield: here I wanted to focus on the beach, the sea, and the roughness of the surrounding. 

- House for a Kolonihaven, by Enric Miralles. What I most liked about this house is how the plan was made by the movement of the little girl. In the video I wanted to project how a movement of people or plants can describe perfectly a space and define it´s usefull limits.

- House of Blas, by Alberto Campo Baeza. In this part I wanted to center on the nature and how it surround the house naturally.