Anna Maly - Action Drawing - House in Corrubedo

Yıldız Technical University,Ege Balcıl

Actually, we don’t have a specific technique in our university.We follow almost the same way in our projects.I will show you a project from last year.
Theatre Building
1-We have  particular topics in the beginning and we choose one of them.We try to decide what we are going to design.For what and where will it be located?We considered these things at the same time.
2-We start to analyse the location (traffics,climate,buildings,lights,nature etc..) and also we search for our topics.We need to get enough information in order  to make client happy.
3-According to these informations,we create function diagrams and start to integrate them with our design.We do some sketches on the area.
4-We decide its shape and draw its plan,section,elevations,perspective.If we have specific details,we draw it in 1/5,1/10,1/50 scale.Unless we have, we have to draw every detail in our Project(it depends on which Project are you taking)
5-We choose the support system and material for building(concrete,steel..)We decide the place of columns and also for window,floor,wall..we have to choose our material and we show some examples about these materials.

6-We have  model them in sketchup,lumion,3dmax..

First drawing,Ege Balcıl

Casa Never Neverland

This is the first action when he wakes up,he is not able to decide what he is going to do.Patient can't live without keeper.So I design a small window in his bedroom in order to watch him from livingroom and kitchen and also he can afraid of feeling alone when they wake up.So this window provides small view to him.

Pink lines show us the design.In drawing,I draw same plan again and again .Because I want to look from different point.If our lifes are addicted to someone,how can we survive?Also ıf we start to lose our memory,how can we be an architect?

Action Drawing - House in Corrubedo / Bianca Woisetschläger

For a person with parkinson it  is hard to do the simplest things like eating, drinking or walking. I´ve drawn the act of taking the stairs. Because the staircase inside of the Housee in Corrubedo is small and tight, it must be horrifying and exhausting to take the stairs for the client.

That is why i have drawn the stairs dark and really long to express the feelings of the person. I think with just a few openings in the wall, which make the staircase brighter, the client has the chance to relax and make some breaks on his way to the top.