Team 3 - Micro architecture in progress

Tasks of the group members 

Lisanne Alexandre:
- Calculating measurements on scale
- Managing progress and pieces
- Stop-motion movie

Maria Helene Saether:
- Drawing
- Cutting
- Adding glue

Rafal Strzelczak:
- Drawing
- Cutting
- Holding pieces in place

Work in progress 

Final do-it-yourself working kit 

Lisanne calculated the measurements on scale. Rafal and Maria drew on the carton and cut it.
We added codes to the different pieces to keep control of the work, this way we could work really quickly when putting everything together.

Stop-motion movie 

We made a stop-motion movie of it making hundreds of pictures of every step of the progress.

Rafał Strzelczak, drawing ver.2

Action, thinking.
Autistic people think. Think a lot. They have their own world, where enviroment, people, don't really matter (or matter a far too much(it depends)).
I want to create tiny spaces with paintable walls. This with surrounding trees can make the pleasant space and stimulate creativity.

Microarchitecture: Parkinson - Anna/ Bianca/ Pascale

Team 4 | Microarchitecture | Progress

Team 7: Pascale, Bianca, Anna / Parkinson / work progress of microarchitecture