Architecture School of Braunschweig/Germany_Sandra Kesselmeier

This is a constructive project from the last year and showed a new building for our campus in Braunschweig, which is a learning centrum for each age. It was planed by Lilian Schweigler and Isil Tunc (both 4th semestre).
The building has got 2 characters: a representative part on the street side and a private part with a several space. The roofs have a green space and harmonize so with his environment. Inside, the room programm has an organic form. The students create a building, which not destroy the landscape - the building is a part of the landscape - outside and inside.

These aspects unite the "Braunschweiger School" and mean a geometric, uniform structure. Decorative aspects without a function are not important. The buildings are very clear and thought-out. The interior is influenced by the outside structure, because they have the same concept or idea.
This architecture convinced with his simple function and his ingenios concept. The project of the two students show us how simple an idea can be - and how exciting the result.