Action drawing_EvaA.Candela

Action: Opening the door.

The drawing shows how just a simple action has its process for this disorders. On the way to the entrance door, the person has different references that make his way, everytime the same, known by hard, by repetition. His concentrations and distractions.

Drawing 1, Rafał Strzelczak, casa de blas

Alfa Centauri Spiritual Retreat - David Martínez Torrado

House in Corrubedo (drawing in class) - Bianca Woisetschläger

House in Corrubedo - Anna Maly

Team 3 - Interview 2

This is an interview with the mother of Jarno. Since he is only 7 years old and isn't aware of his illness, it was better to speak with his mom. 

Basic questions 

What are the names and the ages of the family members?
Tim, 38 years
Dagmar, 39 years
Jarno, 7 years

Which family member has autism?

What kind of autism does he/she have?  (Asperger's syndrome, pervasive developmental disorder, autistic disorder etc.)
PDD-NOS, diagnosed at age 2,5

Is he/she aware of his/hers neurological disease?
Not really

What kind of school does he/she goes to?
Special education (SBO Het Tangram, Purmerend)

Does he/she play sports or any other hobbies?
No sports, huge fan of Lego and iPad (games and videos)

Is he/she at himself or does he/she like to play or work with others?
Both. It depends on the situation and state of mind

Questions about the house

Main question: How can we as architects make it easier to live as someone with a neurological disorder?
Every person with autism has his/her own issues. Talk tot them. There is no general rule to make life easier.

What is his/her favourite colour?
No specific favourite, it changes over time.

What kind of materials will be best for the house? (No busy prints on the wall or crazy tiles for example)
Our living room has one wall with a busy print, a not very organized bookshelf and 3 tables with lego. This doesn’t seem to make any difference in comparison to a clean and organized  room. In his bedroom we tried to apply light colors and soft materials. And we try to keep it as neat as possible. This is the place where he has to rest (prefent overstimulation)

Can the furniture be possible to move or is it better to have it at one place all the time?
In my opinion it is better to keep furniture in the same place. As minor changes in the surrounding as possible. Every change can be disturbing without proper preparation.

What kind of surrounding is best? (city, nature etc.)
It depends on the person

Any other tips?

See answer of the main question.