Work in class

Date: 27 november 2015
Time: 10.30-14.30
Classroom: 17D
Students: Lisanne Alexandre and Danny Janse

Lisanne Alexandre - Drawing 2

Team: 3
House: La Casa de Blas, Sevilla la Nueva, Madrid
Disease: Autism
Action: Birthday party
Technique: Photoshop

The action that I drew is a birthday party at home. For most people a birthday party is something to look out for, something you are counting the days for. But for some people with autism (since every person is different) can a birthday party be terrible. They want to have there own private and save territory and when a lot of people are coming over, that territory isn't that save and private anymore. Also the other family members have a lot of trouble with this, because they cannot enjoy the party like others. 
In this drawing, everyone is having fun and dancing, except for the person with autism even though it's his birthday.

I used Photoshop for this drawing. Different filters, color-techniques and picture overlays were used for this. The background picture is a picture I took by myself when we've visited the Blas House in our Madrid trip. That's also the case with the art work over it, you can find it in the living room of the house. 
The other pictures are from Google and I adjusted them to fit in the drawing. I tried to show the person with autism like the famous artwork called 'Scream'. I changed the color and the setting. 

Ángela Shepherd - Action 2 (1st Version) - '' Shadows house''

It is proposed a glass roof + a sub structure on top that provokes abstract shadows in the comun area of the house (living room).

The main purpose for this project is making our Alzheimer patient to remember things by creating stimulus in its home. This stimulus are the shades and shadows produced in the house.

The idea was choosing a symmetrical shape, according to our Micro-architecture and to Rorschach's Test. I thought about the organic shape of a butterfly not only because of its symetrical body (wing+ body+wing) but also because of the perfection of the drawings on its wings. I believe, for instance, that the little ramifications in the wings could be reflected in the shadows as tree branches or the little dots as flowers, this is open to subjective and multiple interpretations.

T5 - Microarchitecture

T5 - Work in class 20/11/2015

T5 - Huntington Conference 21-11-2015 (Valencia)

Interview to Cesar Martínez 

Interview to Huntington patient

Vera M

Actionb of the Client
Version 2
Playing in the studio

Vera M

Bauhaus Uni Weimar,
Building modell.

Work in class 20/11/2015 | Team 4

Manpreet Kaur. Action Drawing in the house

This is a section of the spiritual retreat house, As the house is underground, it doesn't offers the vision outside the house. The location of house is really beautiful, so this window inspired by the function of a periscope is installed so as to frame the beautiful scenes of the nature inside the house.
But Instead  of the plain mirror, convex mirror is used at the top to capture a larger view.

Marta Mochniak_Video 2_Explanation

I invite you to my hous...

2. Video: Emotions - Bianca

My first two choices are the same houses as in my first video.
1) House in Corrubedo - by David Chiperfield
2) Casa de Blas - by Alberto Campo Baeza

For the third house i picked a new one.
3) The House of the Rain - by Juan Navarro Baldeweg

I choosed this 3 houses not because i liked their aperience, furthermore of their emotion qualities you can experience here. It was important for the architects to creat a surrounding for their client where he can feel pure emotion. On the one hand literally because of the behavior of the house and the interactive experience there (The House of the Rain) or on the other hand because of the feeling you archieve when you are inside of the house.