Drawing 2-Ege Balcıl

Vera M, Casa Moraleja, Pneu Transformance

Drawing 4.12 / House in Corrubedo / Pascale Atsma

CONCEPT Lisanne Alexandre - Drawing 3

Idea 1

This idea is a result from my last drawing about a person with autism on his own birthday party. For people with autism a birthday party can feel terrible, because of the chaos and the amount of visitors.

With this new solutions in architecture I try to make a birthday party for someone with autism can be more comfortabel and pleasant. It's amazing that we can try to achieve this through architecture.

The best place for a birthday party is in my opinion the terrace, so that's where I have worked on. 


The first solution is to make a changeable decoration curtain. During the year, there will be only be some small sections visible. This won't be a problem for the view. 
The idea is to have some curtain sliding there over the whole width of the roof. In the length it will be like 4 total. 

On the slidings the decorations can be placed, such like balloons, flags and ribbons to name some. Because of this idea, the decorations can be placed at the same exact way and location every year. Then the decoration is one chaotic thing taken away, so the person with autism can enjoy his own birthday party better. 


This detail shows a vertical section in the roof. 
The opening for the sliding will be 50mm width x 50 mm height, over the whole width of the roof. 
There will be a sliding placed such as a curtain sliding, really simple and plain, but with a great solution. 


In red we can see the placement of the sliders.
There are 4 sliders, each 6m in length. 


in progress 

Idea 2

This idea is to create a private and comfortable space, like our microarchitecture. It will be placed on the terrace, so the person can still be at the party. But when they feel to stressed, they can rest a bit and enjoy the nature around the Blas house. 


in progress


Vera M, Idea modell, Casa Moreleja, Schizophrenia

The House is splittet in singel Elements, as such the client can put them together again; In every way, in every moment.
Nothing is given, but all the possibilitys.

Manpreet Kaur, Drawing 04/12/15


The house of spiritual retreat had a small opening inside the walls in the entrance corridor at the corners Which is Currently having some rocks.
That I propose to transform part of the house into a mini garden inside the house but providing it all the energies naturally.
The water to the garden will be sprinkled by the water running in the hand rails of the stairs, like it is raining.
For sunlight, a sun tunnel is installed in the roof, Which Will Provide the garden with the natural sun light.

The main idea to do this is to Enhance the sense of smell.
It will work When the water will be sprinkled in the garden it will naturally produce the fragrance of wet ground, Which can help one to know When I steps out of the inner part of the house using only His sense of smelling.

Drawing | Mónica Hidalgo | 04.12

The idea is to create a special place where Paula can be herself and express freely as possible.
As in micro-architecture, I propose a geodesic dome that consists of four parts: 
1. A lower part where she can freely draw and paint on the walls, where she can express everything she sees and feels.
2. The second part consists of mosaics with vibrant color (I took as inspiration the mosaics of the Alhambra), this gives joy and reminds her that she is a girl like others and she has the right to enjoy their childhood as much as others. 
3. The third part is the top of the geodesic dome, this is made of glass to allow sunlight illuminate the interior, projecting around different shadows. 
4. The fourth part is inside the dome, a large empty space to allow her dance, jump, lie down, or whatever she wants to do.

This dome is planned to be located outside on the patio, with a double access, one from the area outside the pool, and an indoor from the living room / dining room.

Drawing - Action in the House Bianca Woisetschläger

My intension was to completley open the house in Corrubedo with the help of a glass facade. The house should not be a place were you can´t hide yourself even if you have a bad day. You can see everything what is happening around you and everybody can see you. To feel comfortable in your own house you must to learn to love yourself with all of your mistakes and negative characteristics. You need to be self-conscious. Living in this house you will learn a lot about yourself and start to learn laughing about yourself. The glass surfaces will start to blur the boundery between the exterior and interior - the inside become one with the outside. Also my idea is to put "windows" on the floor and seelings so there is the posibility to comunicate and interact not only with the exterior and interior but also within the house.

In my action in the house i wanted to show the communication that is possible in my proposed "Glass - House". The granddaughter of our Parki can interact with their friends during the time she spend some time with her grandad.


Danny Janse Action Drawing 2 Moving trough the house

To understand the drawing and action I showed I first have to explain some theory:

"Image when you’re sitting in your living room and you want to know what time it is. So you decide to look at the clock on the wall, and you see the time. When you put your eyes towards the clock. You see the wall, the clock, the fingers of the clock, etc. So your eyes  actually capture all this information, while your brain only captures the time from the combination of the fingers of the clock. This system is called ‘manipulating within tolerances’. 

Having sight comes not just handy, but also make us able to have memories and being able to witness things. This gives us emotions in our brain which come up when we see a certain thing of talk about a certain topic. This is the first step in completely understanding Serial Vision.

“Image walking down a straight street with half way down the street a small courtyard and on the end a small movement to the right with a monument hidden at the end. In this scenario a large amount of ‘Visions’ are coupled to each other besides us walking in one singular pace.

When a person is walking down a city on a single pace the vision of the city keeps constantly changing and there appear serial differences and visual interests (reference points). This is called ‘Serial Vision’.

So our personal goal is to manipulate de parts of a path we have to follow so emotions while come up inside of us. Let’s compare a straight simple street with the street which was described before. When we would walk a similar distance in both examples, the street from the example would be way more pleasuring to walk trough. The street offers us a huge amount of reference point to focus on when we walk down the road. In our mind we say we walk towards the courtyard, and when you reach the courtyard you're telling yourself that you're walking towards the turn of the street. In the straight street we would walk from one point to the other and the road wont let any emotions come up. There must me a contrast between reference points for or brain to trigger our mind to remember and witness the road. 

The reason of explaining you this Serial Vision in to better understand the way people with down syndrome focus on their routing. While people without down syndrome don’t witness the way they are ‘enjoying’ the path they walk down, people with down-syndrome use this system to guide them. To give another more clearer example we will explain the way we let two sisters draw their routing down their house. One of this sisters was diagnosed with down-syndrome and one of them wasn’t. When we both let them draw the movements of their routine in a floor plan of their house, the sister without down syndrome drew her movements from the room, to the door, to the hallway, to the stairs, to the door, and to the second room. Her sister with down syndrome would just draw a straight line from the center of the room to the center of the next room. This explains the difference between the focus of the routing people with down syndrome have. "

The first step of designing this concept was to specify the amount of sight a person with Down Syndrome gathered, and compare it to that of what we gather to really get into the skin of our client. 

Now we specified the amount of sight a person with down-syndrome gathered, we have to adjust this concept into the house.
To improve this phasing in movement we have to offer the person equal reference points throughout the house, so the client can guide himself in a clear way trough the house from point to point. So what i did now was to specify the sight from different locations in the house. These locations are 'more or less' the destinations of a movement.

So as a conclusion of the research we are now able to point out the reference points needed to improve this guiding trough the house.

So here we can see the final drawing, even tough it needs some slight finishments.
We can see the different reference points from the previous research are shown in a way of sight.
The reference points are as well Art as the TV-screen. So all these reference points are a trigger for the eye and mind. 
Because of this the client will be able to better guide himself trough the house. So now the house is not only improving his ability of guiding himself because of his concentration, but is also works as a therapy.

rafal strzelczak drawing 4.12.15

Marta Mochniak_Idea for a house_drawing 4

This drawing shows the action we want to do at house- to create a path of atractions in a common space- from patio to the roof. Peple with down syndrome are very focused on doing things and using this knowladge we make a way wchih disattract his attention during going up by adding activities on the way.


The drawing shows the microarchitecture for the bedroom of the girl, which has schizophrenia. The room is full of circles, which can change the room, even if the girl like. So, she is the leader of her own world and can adapt the space according to their feelings and whishes.

The microarchitecture can be extentend, so the room change himself and therefor it change his function. If the girl like, the circles can be like a window or like an opinion to seat. She decides, what the room looks a like and if she want, the room can be close or open for the rest of their family.
The circles are similiar to the exterior wall, so it seems, that the house protect her.


Maria Helene Saether_Drawing_04.12.2015

I wanted to make a safe and protected place for the autistic person. If the family have guests or someone is visiting this can be overwhelming for the autistic person. As well as the furniture may me moved and changes. As an autistic person don't like changes, and can feel insecure in changed environment I wanted to make a space where he can feel safe but still are able to interact with the rest of the people in the room if he wants to.

The shelves is because the autistic person normally like to have everything organised, and between the sofa and the shelves we have the paintable wall from the microarchitecture.