Drawing | Mónica Hidalgo | 04.12

The idea is to create a special place where Paula can be herself and express freely as possible.
As in micro-architecture, I propose a geodesic dome that consists of four parts: 
1. A lower part where she can freely draw and paint on the walls, where she can express everything she sees and feels.
2. The second part consists of mosaics with vibrant color (I took as inspiration the mosaics of the Alhambra), this gives joy and reminds her that she is a girl like others and she has the right to enjoy their childhood as much as others. 
3. The third part is the top of the geodesic dome, this is made of glass to allow sunlight illuminate the interior, projecting around different shadows. 
4. The fourth part is inside the dome, a large empty space to allow her dance, jump, lie down, or whatever she wants to do.

This dome is planned to be located outside on the patio, with a double access, one from the area outside the pool, and an indoor from the living room / dining room.