Drawing - Action in the House Bianca Woisetschläger

My intension was to completley open the house in Corrubedo with the help of a glass facade. The house should not be a place were you can´t hide yourself even if you have a bad day. You can see everything what is happening around you and everybody can see you. To feel comfortable in your own house you must to learn to love yourself with all of your mistakes and negative characteristics. You need to be self-conscious. Living in this house you will learn a lot about yourself and start to learn laughing about yourself. The glass surfaces will start to blur the boundery between the exterior and interior - the inside become one with the outside. Also my idea is to put "windows" on the floor and seelings so there is the posibility to comunicate and interact not only with the exterior and interior but also within the house.

In my action in the house i wanted to show the communication that is possible in my proposed "Glass - House". The granddaughter of our Parki can interact with their friends during the time she spend some time with her grandad.