CONCEPT Lisanne Alexandre - Drawing 3

Idea 1

This idea is a result from my last drawing about a person with autism on his own birthday party. For people with autism a birthday party can feel terrible, because of the chaos and the amount of visitors.

With this new solutions in architecture I try to make a birthday party for someone with autism can be more comfortabel and pleasant. It's amazing that we can try to achieve this through architecture.

The best place for a birthday party is in my opinion the terrace, so that's where I have worked on. 


The first solution is to make a changeable decoration curtain. During the year, there will be only be some small sections visible. This won't be a problem for the view. 
The idea is to have some curtain sliding there over the whole width of the roof. In the length it will be like 4 total. 

On the slidings the decorations can be placed, such like balloons, flags and ribbons to name some. Because of this idea, the decorations can be placed at the same exact way and location every year. Then the decoration is one chaotic thing taken away, so the person with autism can enjoy his own birthday party better. 


This detail shows a vertical section in the roof. 
The opening for the sliding will be 50mm width x 50 mm height, over the whole width of the roof. 
There will be a sliding placed such as a curtain sliding, really simple and plain, but with a great solution. 


In red we can see the placement of the sliders.
There are 4 sliders, each 6m in length. 


in progress 

Idea 2

This idea is to create a private and comfortable space, like our microarchitecture. It will be placed on the terrace, so the person can still be at the party. But when they feel to stressed, they can rest a bit and enjoy the nature around the Blas house. 


in progress