Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Danny Janse

Because i study Urban Design the project itself isn't such a good example for Architecture-students, but i'm sure the technique itself could be helpful for showing changes over a time.

What i've done is basically draw a basic 3D-model (can be an advanced one as well, but in this case that was't needed) and than making small changes to the project to show it's development over time.
The task for this project was to create an strategy and vision for a neighborhood in Antwerp, Belgium. And because the strategy should show the growth of the neighborhood within a certain amount of time, i've chosen to do it in this way.

The things i've used to make this are Google Earth, Adobe Illustrator and a whole lot of hours.
In Google Earth they give you the option to show a grey 3D-model of volumes of the city in the map.
By changing the view of the map you can create a bird-view over the area.
After you've done this you basically draw over the lines of the existing buildings in Adobe Illustrator to give the pictures a better resolution (which actually can't really be seen in this video). Redrawing the area took a lot of time, and this technique can only be used then you have the time to do it. Don't expect to get this done within a day. When i was finally finished i added the landscape, the highway and marked the green areas by placing trees. 

After this you can start adapting the original model to the first fase of your strategy, or just show the next step in your design. And after this one the second one.. etc..etc.

For the final touch i added the original map to the background and made some small adjustments using photoshop.