Maria Helene Saether - technique from NMBU, and drawing of Casa de Blas

Technique from Norwegian University of Life Sciences - City and urban planning.

I am studying city and urban planning, and since we don't really have one specific technique we use, I will show a project we did from last year. Normally we start a project with hand drawn diagrams to analyse the city or area we are working on. The next thing we do is to locate different uses of each building, and we see what works in the urban space and what does not. In this project we were working on how to give the place a more human scale, focusing on pedestrians. At the end we made a new plan for the whole area focusing on how the pedestrians can get a better walking experience in the area. In the planning process we mostly use hand drawn sketches, and then finishing it in programs like Photoshop, Autocad, Sketchup, Illustrator and Indesign.

For this next task I have looked at diffrent uses of the rooms in the house like we do for type of uses in an urban plan.