University of technology in Wrocław | M. Mochniak, R. Strzelczak

        Our school of architecture- Technical University in Wrocław- as most of schools has as many methods of designing as teachrers. Each one has it’s own style but, on the other hand, we can say that thay have also something in common. We take into account many things while designing but three of them are for us the most important-we call it „a scale”. These are these three points:
     .       Community wchich we are designing for
     .       Surrounding of the building
     .       Way of designing- „net method”
At first we are making the whole analise of a person/people for who we are designing for. We  make intervious, check all the needs- because the most important is a satisfaction of a client.

Then we are looking for a connection between our building and the surrounding. We are trying to use and design the whole space- including mostly the nearest space one. We are also trying in most of our projects to keep the relations between buildings –lines of windows, proportions of the floors, uniformity of the materials.

And the last part is to create a „net” under our beginning- we belive that people are feeling in the best way in the regular space- if the building has a right proporcions and the walls continues on the lines of the net-so the plan is showing some repeating rule- than we get very „clen plan of the building”. Because of the construction and as also sharing buildings into parts we are trying to keep the same rythm of walls or pillars to make people feel confidence in a space-not confused-to help them to know where they are in every part of building whithout knowing the plan. We all put much attencion on a construction of the building- desing modern, future buildings but also thought in terms of creating this in reality.