Technical University of Munich - Bianca Woisetschläger, Anna Maly

The Technical University of Munich (in the south of Germany) is one of the best architectural Universities in Germany, because of this special and really important "technique" they are teaching us since we started to study there.

Our home university is famous for his drawing classes and his drawing style.
Every student has to start drawing in the first semester, where you have to learn the basics. In the second semester you go outside and learn to draw the beautiful buildings of Munich by sitting in the city and watching them. The course is not just taught by one professor furthermore it is divided in little groups which are lead by assistants and tutors (who are major students).
The highlight of every drawing class is a one week journey to a beautiful city in Italy (when it was our turn we were going to Venice; there are some impressions in the video below) where you intensify your techniques by drawing 8 hours or even more every day.
There you use the different techniques, like perspectives (bird view, one point perspective, two point perspective, 3 point perspective, frog perspective, shadow construction, stair construction, dome construction, sections, fish eye ect.) you have learned the whole year.
Because of the strict process you have to follow, even the persons who could not draw in the first lectures, are now able to produce beautiful drawings. After the second semester you are able to join further courses like nude drawing and aquarelling.
Everyone developed his own style of drawing and used it in every project we had since that.
For our University it is especially important that every student could express himself through his drawings and that they use it as often as computer drawing. You are even not allowed to draw with the computer the first year, all the drawings and floor plans, etc had to be made by hand.

We couldn´t decide which one we prefer, so we are uploading two pictures of two different students.

We also have a own blog to upload our drawings from our year abroad (which is obligatory in our university) So feel free to check out the sketches of countries from all over the world.

And if you are interested in the video of Venice:
Bianca and Anna