T2 - Trisomy21, Down Syndrome_Danny_Eva_Marta


After Carmela of the death was murdered, the house became in the possession of a young boy, who just left the house of his parents to start a life on his own. The boy just finished his master-degree in economics and found a job at a small accounting firm at the centre of Granada.

His twin brother has down syndrome and lived at that moment still with his parents back in Murcia. But at the age of 24 he started to feel the need to leave his parents and life on it’s own. His parents had the feeling that it still was a little to early for him to leave the home. In fact, for them it would always be too early for him to leave home, they were so afraid... but the idea of independence was persistent on his son's head. So his parents came up with the idea for him to go live with his brother in Granada. If he could live with his brother, his parents would feel a lot safer than if he’d live on his own. Living with his brother for a while would be the perfect first step for him to leave the house and become independent. So it didn’t took long before he decided to go and live with his brother. As his brother worked all day, he decided to start working as a volunteer at the petting zoo.      
After living together happily for 2,5 years his brother got married and decided to leave the house to go and live with his wife. He felt really bad for his twin brother because this house was the only thing he had left. After consultation with his wife, they decided to donate the house to his brother with a usage and admistration cession for the Down People organisation in Granada which his brother was part of. In this way his brother was able to keep living in the apartment with overview from the organization. The only agreement that was made was for the organization to be able to use several of his rooms for group activities. The organization became so enthusiastic about the house that they decided to buy the other three houses as well, as soon as the possibility arrived.

So now the organization was the complete owner off the whole building and housed multiple younger people with down-syndrome. At this point the organization asked several younger architects to redesign the house to make it as well “liveable” for the people living there but also useable for the organization to use the space for organising activities for small groups up to +/- 16 people.