Team 3 - Micro Architecture Proposal

By: Lisanne Alexandre, Maria Helene Saether & Rafal Strzelczak

The idea 

People with autism are the same people as us, the only difference is the amount of autistic traits. No person is exactly the same and there are a lot of different types and graduations of autism. 

The good thing about autism is that mostly they are very good at a few things, but therefore they underdevelop other things. 
Someone can for example be very good at maths, but his social skills on the other hand can be poor. 

We tried to translate this in a 1:1 model, a micro architecture.
The idea is a box. The inside represents the persons 'own world', the red dot will be the good part of autism, their expertise. The outside represents the rest of the world. The person inside is mostly concentrated on the red dot, because he is very good at it and likes to do it. He can look and interact with the outside world trough a small window whenever he wants, but mostly he will be concentrated at the dot. 

Their expertise are the best thing about them. Sometimes they are even better than people that society thinks as 'normal'.
They are really good at focussing and concentrating on that thing.
They also are the people they want to be, their true selves. They don't try to be someone else, someone they are not.

The measurements and material 

De menselijke maat. & ir.D.Leever-van der Burgh. Delftse Universitaire Pers. (1980)
The human scale. & ir.D.Leever-van der Burgh. Delft University Press. (1980)

We added 10 centimeters to the measurements, because this is an average human scale. 
625 + 100 = 725
875 + 100 = 925 
Final box: 725 x 975 x 975 mm

For materials we choose karton. We did this because the material is easy to work with and fits well with the box idea.
We will use stenley knives to cut the karton and as adhesive we will use glue or tape. 

Technical drawing