Marta Mochniak_Idea for a house_drawing 4

This drawing shows the action we want to do at house- to create a path of atractions in a common space- from patio to the roof. Peple with down syndrome are very focused on doing things and using this knowladge we make a way wchih disattract his attention during going up by adding activities on the way.


The drawing shows the microarchitecture for the bedroom of the girl, which has schizophrenia. The room is full of circles, which can change the room, even if the girl like. So, she is the leader of her own world and can adapt the space according to their feelings and whishes.

The microarchitecture can be extentend, so the room change himself and therefor it change his function. If the girl like, the circles can be like a window or like an opinion to seat. She decides, what the room looks a like and if she want, the room can be close or open for the rest of their family.
The circles are similiar to the exterior wall, so it seems, that the house protect her.


Maria Helene Saether_Drawing_04.12.2015

I wanted to make a safe and protected place for the autistic person. If the family have guests or someone is visiting this can be overwhelming for the autistic person. As well as the furniture may me moved and changes. As an autistic person don't like changes, and can feel insecure in changed environment I wanted to make a space where he can feel safe but still are able to interact with the rest of the people in the room if he wants to.

The shelves is because the autistic person normally like to have everything organised, and between the sofa and the shelves we have the paintable wall from the microarchitecture. 

Work in class

Date: 27 november 2015
Time: 10.30-14.30
Classroom: 17D
Students: Lisanne Alexandre and Danny Janse