Microarchitecture_Trisomy21_Candela Eva_ Janse Danny_ Mochniack Marta

One of the most remarkable things of people with Trisomy21 is the proud they feel of their achievements. Although this is the purest type of proud, just being proud of one self, better than what they were before; not better than other people, higher or bigger than them. Every achievement is a personal improvement and something worthy enough to be proud of.

The reason of this strong feeling is the difficulties(physical and cognitive) they have to deal every day, so that every little step is something to be hugely proud of. With this Microarchitecture we show this process of personal improvement and overcoming and the final proud of a job well done; attaching the whole process not only to physical traits but also to cognitive ones.

This Microarchitecture consist of two different parts: one related to the difficulties and the other related to the prize.
On the physical gadget, directly related to the problems of balance associated with people with Trisomy 21, the weight placed on a rail along the line of the shoulders moves freely from left to right by the movements of the extremities, to which the weight is connected by different ropes. This system makes the person  imbalance depending on the direction of weight.

The upper part is related to the mental process of feeling proud and physically connected in the model to the support of the weight that causes the imbalance. With this, the achievement consist on keeping the weight aligned in the centre of the bar, beating the forces that distract you from your aims. When this action is completed a system placed on the head, inside a watercolor tank, releases this colored water into a transparent mask. In this moment, the colors flowing in front the eyes make the one who is wearing the prosthesis realize he has made something to be proud of.

To go deeper into this feeling, this prosthesis could be ideally tested on a route of several easy activities. This activities could be quickly passed without seeing the colors of the prize but the colors of the prize can only be seen if the activities are made properly, not fast. This is a whole metaphor of the Trisomy 21: the world has its own pace, it always  rushes and people with Trisomy 21, are able to make everything they want but they just need their time to make things properly and be proud of their achievements.