Team 3 - Micro architecture

By: Lisanne Alexandre, Maria Helene Saether & Rafal Strzelczak

The idea

This micro architecture is inspired by some of the positive aspects of autism. While their social skills may be poor, they often have some things they are very good and passionate about. They are also always their true selves. A person with autism is good at focusing and concentrating on that specific thing for a long period of time, which makes them very skilled in that specific area.
Some can for example be very creative.

First of all, this construction is designed to be a tiny space since that is what many autistic people prefer. The materials are going to be carton, and we want the person that is inside the construction to be able to draw or write something on the walls of the construction, as well as leaning against the wall while sitting. This is to encourage the person inside it to be creative and use his or her imagination while being inside the construction. The walls are built with slopes so that it is easier to draw on it, and it makes a more comfortable space to be in and to sit in. The entrance is small, so the outside world is less interesting than the inside mind of the person with autism. 

The idea is to stimulate the creativity. To be in a comfortable area with the chance to be really creative and concentrated. When they are inside our micro architecture they want to be in there, that's the idea we hope for.